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HOW DO I BOOK AN EXCURSION? It is advisable to send us an email at ellenkay@prodigy.net or call 215 732 8487 to check availability and ask any question you may have. If they trip is available, you can send us a check made payable to Excursions from the Square. EXCURSIONS FROM THE SQUARE Po Box 2189 | Philadelphia, PA 19103 or call us with your Visa, MasterCard or American Express information. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THIS INFORMATION ON VOICE MAIL. DO YOUR BUSES HAVE RESTROOMS? Yes, always. WILL I GET A REFUND IF I HAVE TO CANCEL? Cancellation policies are spelled out clearly on every trip brochure. Once you have booked a trip, we will send you a brochure with information about travel insurance which will cover a number of items, most importantly medical coverage while you are on a trip and cancellation either before or during the EXCURSION. IF I AM TRAVELING BY MYSELF, WILL I BE ALONE DURING TIMES WHEN THERE ARE NO ACTIVITIES OR TOURS PLANNED? You will never feel alone on our excursions unless you want to be. We make optional plans for dinner and often a performing arts event for each evening. By the time you are few days in to your trip with us, we find that friendships are made and travelers start making dinner plans without us. IF WE ARE FLYING TO OUR DESTINATION, WILL YOU HELP ME MAKE MY AIRLINE RESERVATIONS? In some cases, it is best for you to be on the same flights as the rest of the group in order to take advantage of ground transportation we have arranged, and sometimes, there is an advantage for us to block space on particular flights. In those cases, we will make your airline reservations at no extra charge. There will be times when you have a different preference of an airline, would like to use your airline mileage for your tickets, or perhaps you are joining us from another city. You are always welcome to make your own arrangements. WHY IS THE SINGLE SUPPLEMENT SO EXPENSIVE? Most American hotels charge the same cost for rooms whether they are single or double. So if a room costs 250.00, for example, if one person occupies the room, they will pay $250.00. If two people occupy the room, each person will be charged $125.00 per person. It is as simple as that. So if it is a four night trip, the person occupying the single room will be charged $500.00 more. At EXCURSIONS FROM THE SQUARE, we are very conscious of Single Supplement costs, and often will lower the single price slightly before we present the final cost of the trip. WILL YOU FIND ME A ROOMMATE? We will try and have been mostly successful in matching people up on our EXCURSIONS. We cannot promise. We do not automatically match people up on our trips. We require that you contact each other and if possible, meet before you make the decision to share a room. IF I WANT TO STAY LONGER IN A DESTINATION, CAN YOU ARRANGE THAT? Absolutely! We will try to extend your hotel stay at the best possible price.